Pink and purple knitted cowl

My friend gave me 2 balls of beautiful hand spun and dyed yarn for my birthday. I knew I wanted to make something with just that. I decided to make a cowl, knowing that it would be super warm and cozy being made out of wool.

Because I had the 2 colors that matched perfectly, I wanted to incorporate them both. I did this by changing colors every 2 rows in the pattern. This made it easy to carry the yarn up the edge as I went so I didn’t have a million ends to weave in when it was done.

There are a few tricky steps in the pattern so here are some explanations to help. I also tried to graft the ends together at the end, but that ended up being a disaster. I will post more on that when I have a little more practice! Sewing the 2 ends together at the end will work just as well.


Knit wrapping yarn twice – knit like normal, but when yarning over, wrap yarn twice before pulling through. This will give you 2 loops on the needle per stitch that you make.

CB3 – cable 3 back – put the next 3 stitches on the cable needle and hold them to the back of your work. As you do this with the double wraps from row 2, make sure to pick up only one loop from each stitch and drop the other one. This will leave you with and extra long loop for each one. Here is a good video example of working with the double wrap knit – Double Wrap Knit Stitch

The texture it creates is so beautiful with a cable stitch and bulky yarn!


  • 2 skeins of chunky yarn – Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick would be equivalent to what I used.
  • Size 11 knitting needles
  • Cable needle
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle


Width: 9 inches

Circumference: 24 inches

Knitted Cowl Pattern

Cast on 32

Row 1: purl across

Row 2: K1, *knit 1 wrapping yarn twice* repeat until there is one stitch left, K1

Row 3: P1, *C3B (dropping the extra loop for each stitch), P3 from left needle (drop extra loop), P3 from cable* repeat 5 times, P1

Row 4: knit across

Row 5: purl across

Row 6: knit across

Repeat Rows 1-6 until the desired length is reached (mine is 24 inches). Cast off normally. Sew the 2 ends together and weave in ends.

As always, if you make one, please share a picture. I’d love to see.

Happy Knitting!