• I was accepted to the 3 Farmer’s Market dates that I put in for this summer! I will be setting up my booth in downtown Evanston Wyoming on July 11th, August 8th, and September 12th! I still have quite a bit of inventory left from my market in April so I’m excited to see how these go.
  • I have been busy working on new patterns! My horned lizard pattern was released in early June and I have a squirrel pattern releasing on June 24th.

New in the Shop

I made several new plushies that have been added to the shop including Winnie the Dragon and Diddy Dex the dragon. I also completed a pattern test for a cute storybook fox (even though I said I was taking a break, haha) and released my Horned Lizard pattern! *Horned Lizard and Loaf Cat plushies are coming soon. Visit the shop to see what is currently available.

What I’m Hooked On

Yarn: variegated Bernat Blanket Yarn! I’m loving the texture the color changes give in what I’ve been working on, specifically in Horned Lizards and Loaf Cats!

Pattern: I am obsessing over the Tiny Loaf Cat pattern from @my_universe64. I have made 5 of them so far and I love them all! They are so quick and easy and the color combinations are endless!!

Drink: I have been drinking a lot of oat milk lattes 🙂

Book: I FINALLY started Fourth Wing and I am loving it so far!

What’s Next

I have been focusing on market prepping for July and writing new patterns. My Squirrel pattern is currently in testing and it’s going well! What North American animal would you like to see next?

I have yarn colors picked for a horse snuggler and a Lisa Frank inspired puppy that I will be making soon that I am very excited about. I also can’t seem to stop making the loaf cats so be prepared for more of those!

Thank you for reading!

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