A glow-in-the-dark crocheted amigurumi ghost.

I had never used glow-in-the-dark yarn before so when I saw it on sale I had to have it. It glows a lot brighter than I was expecting it to. The possibilities for projects are endless! I wanted to make a super simple Halloween decoration that would be quick to make. I came up with this adorable little ghost with a flowy bottom and cute smile. He is crocheted in the round, all single crochet stitches. He is about 3 inches tall and sits perfectly on a table or would make a great hanging ornament! Continue reading for the full free pattern.


  • 1 skein Lion Brand DIY Glow yarn in “Natural”
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Crochet hook size F
  • Black safety eyes: 2 – 6mm
  • Yarn/Embroidery needle
  • Fiber fill
  • Scissors

Terminology (in US terms):

  • sts – stitches
  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – increase (2 stitches in next stitch)
  • dec – decrease (crochet next 2 stitches together)

Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Pattern


  • Row 1: 6sc in magic ring (6sts total)
  • Row 2: inc around (12sts)
  • Row 3: *1sc, inc* around (18sts)
  • Row 4: *2sc, inc* around (24sts)
  • Rows 5-11: sc around (24sts)
    • Attach the eyes between rows 5 and 6, 6sts apart.
    • Use the black embroidery thread to embroider a smiling mouth under the eyes.
  • Row 12: in back loops only, *2sc, dec* around (18sts)
  • Row 13: *1sc, dec* around (12sts)
    • Stuff the head/body with fiber fill
  • Row 14: dec around (6sts)
    • Fasten off and sew the opening closed while weaving in the end.
  • Row 15: with a slip knot on your hook, join the yarn in a front loop from row 12, inc around (36sts)
  • Row 16: *5inc, 1sc* around (66sts)
    • Fasten off and weave in the end.


  • Row 12 is crocheted in the back loops only to make the bottom of the ghost more flat and to leave the front loops free to add a new row for the flowy bottom of the ghost.
  • When joining the yarn for row 15, start at the back of the ghost, opposite of the face, so the face side is seamless.
  • The last row will be very crowded with stitches! This is what causes it to look flowy. I made increases until I couldn’t fit anymore and then I would make a sc. This ended up being after about every 5 increases for me. You can change it as you go to make it fit nicely if your stitches are getting too crowded to fit another increase.

I’d love to see your little ghosts if you try the pattern. Tag me on Instagram or Facebook @KraftyKait

I will definitely be using this yarn more in the future! I already have some ideas for Christmas ornaments 😉

Happy Crocheting!