A Christmas Tradition

When I moved to Tennessee in 2014 and put up my very own Christmas tree for the first time, I decided to start a tradition of making a new ornament every year.

After looking on pinterest at several different amigurumi animals, I decided on a little penguin for my first project. I used this pattern from “I’m Hooked.” And of course I had to go with a fun, bright color! Here is my little pink penguin…

Amigurumi penguin ornament.jpg

In 2015 I randomly decided I wanted to make an octopus ornament. I wasn’t sure how to go about making the tentacles so I did another search on pinterest. I found this pattern from “ESSHAYCH” and instantly knew it was the one I wanted. It has lots of curly tentacles, and it is a lot simpler than it looks! This time I went with lime green, and here he is…

Amigurumi octopus ornament.jpg

This year I am knee deep in Christmas present projects and didn’t have a ton of time to find a pattern and start yet another project. I had made a bunch of Bonbon bears, using Lion Brand Bonbons Yarn, to use as gifts following this pattern from “All About Ami” and I had an extra one in cream that looks just like a polar bear! I decided to add a quick Santa hat and a red scarf and voila! A cute little Bonbon bear Santa…

Bonbon bear santa ornament.jpg

It has been a blast coming up with a new one each year, and I love how personal it makes my Christmas tree. It’s these little traditions that make the holidays special to me!

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